High Quality Hair Maintenance Yorkshire, Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Pontefract, Doncaster, Sheffield, Selby, York, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Castleford


At Stephanie Hair Extensions, the busy Hair Extension Boutique, we believe our quality & service is the best in Yorkshire. Stephanie hair extensions is a model of high quality hair maintenance in Yorkshire.

Regular High Quality Hair Maintenance appointments are compulsory to ensure the hair extensions remains in their luxury condition. Having an experienced technician carry out your maintenance plays a crucial part in the condition of your natural hair & is detrimental to the hair extensions staying Thick and Full.

We believe our hair maintenance service is the best in Yorkshire not only because we use the finest hair available in the world for our clients but because we take great pride & plenty of time to ensure every client receives the VIP treatment they deserve & their maintenance appointment is carried out to the highest standard possible.

Using only the highest quality products from our custom made copper rings, our luxury hair to the bonding material we use to re roll each tip to make sure our clients experience absolutely no shredding no matting & no poor quality rings.

After years of been disappointed with many brands of micro rings we have designed our own brand exclusive to our clients only. These rings are extremely high quality Do Not chip & Do Not slip out. We have all our different grades of luxurious hair in stock in every colour shade & texture from straight silky to course and wavy, to ensure the perfect colour/texture match every time.

Our Luxury Hair Maintenance Procedure:

  1. The removal of each individual bond strand by strand.
  2. Each tip of the strands is then re-rolled , using our High quality Bonding Material.
    ( Our bonding material is the highest quality on the market & is tested in water and shampoo for over 1000 Hours to ensure absolutely no shredding of the hair extensions )
  3. Any dead hair is then brushed out to avoid tangling of the natural hair.
  4. Each Copper micro ring is then exchanged for a new fresh ring and the strand is fit securely back into place.

Our Luxury Hair Maintenance Service Is Available in Following Areas of Yorkshire

  • Hair Maintenance Leeds
  • Hair Maintenance Halifax
  • Hair Maintenance Bradford
  • Hair Maintenance Wakefield
  • Hair Maintenance Huddersfield
  • Hair Maintenance Sheffielf
  • Hair Maintenance Selby
  • Hair Maintenance Castleford
  • Hair Maintenance York
  • Hair Maintenance Pontefract
  • Hair Maintenance Doncaster

Because we take the health of our clients’ natural hair so seriously we offer a 4 week checkup/Tightening appointment.

This appointment comes free of charge for clients booking there maintenance. We feel this appointment is very important as checking over our clients natural hair every 4 weeks allows us to keep a close professional eye on the condition of each and every one of our clients natural hair ensuring it stays nice & healthy while wearing our luxury hair extensions.

Any strands that may have slipped (which is not common) can also be fit back in at this Free of charge appointment.

Because we want our clients hair to look its best at all times we also offer a Free of Charge Curling Service.

We will be happy to curl/style your hair after any appointment depending on availability.

Contact Stephanie Hair Extensions if you need hair maintenance in Yorkshire, Leeds, Selby, Sheffield, Halifax, Wakefield, Bradford, Huddersfield, Pontefract, Doncaster, Castleford or York.


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