Micro Rings Hair Extensions Yorkshire, Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Huddersfield, York, Pontefract, Halifax, Selby, Sheffield, Doncaster, Castleford

Here at Stephanie’s Hair Extensions Yorkshire, the only technique we use to attach our clients’ hair extensions is micro rings. We believe that we have the best micro ring hair extensions Leeds, Sheffield and Yorkshire have to offer.

We believe micro ring hair extensions are the safest & most undetectable technique of hair extensions on the market. And by specialising in this one technique, we have mastered it such that we can now pride our self with the fact that over 95 percent of our clients do not lose a single strand. Another benefit of micro ring hair extensions is that they are suitable for all hair types so if you have any concerns about whether or not these hair extensions will be a right choice for you, talk to us and we will quell your fears.

Micro ring hair extensions do not damage the natural hair in anyway as there is no glue heat or sewing involved and in fact allow the natural hair to grow healthier / longer in the meantime. Find our micro ring hair extensions in Yorkshire, Leeds, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Bradford, Doncaster, Halifax, York, Pontefract, Castleford, Sheffield and Selby.

Over the years we have been disappointed with many brands of micro rings. So to keep up with our clients high expectations we have put together our experience and our knowledge to design our very own range of copper micro ring hair extensions for York, Halifax and all areas of Yorkshire.

And we are now proud to offer our custom made copper rings in many different colours and shades. Only available exclusively to our clients. Once you come to us, you will be immediately struck with the choice and quality of our copper rings. In all our professional dealings with the clients who had copper rings attached to their hair, we have only received positive reviews.

Our custom made copper rings are extremely gentle to the natural hair and have been created to the highest standard possible. They are tiny in size, making them the smallest and most undetectable hair extension technique available.

Micro ring hair extensions Castleford, Yorkshire are the best options that we suggest to our clients. We welcome you to come and try them.

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