Our Hair

Specialising Simply In Luxury High Quality Hair, lasting up to five years! Stephanie Hair Extensions only uses the finest quality of human hair there is available in the world for her client’s. Superior quality soft shiny Russian Slavic hair that is full of lustre & retains its elasticity after many months / years. Collected from young Russian girls only to guarantee its pure quality.
Luxury Hair Extensions in Yorkshire. Ethically sourced, cuticle aligned luxury hair. We source our hair exclusively from Russian and Slavic regions. Whether you are looking for hair extensions Leeds, hair extensions Harrogate hair extensions York or hair extensions in Manchester, our salon can help. Our clients travel to us every few months, from across Yorkshire and the UK to experience our custom made luxury hair extensions that will last them for years to come. Each strand is individually blended and colour matched with in our Yorkshire hair extension boutique to ensure our clients are receiving superior quality hair extensions.

Depending on the hair type you choose our hair can last from 2-5 years.
The hair can be re used again and again saving you money in the long run.
Whilst working in the hair extension industry we have refined our techniques and our hair supplies and now pride ourselves on using the best hair available in The World.
We know only too well that there is an abundance of counterfeit hair on the market today, but at Stephanie Hair Extensions we select only the finest quality genuine hair for our clients.
We work directly with collectors, (so no middle man) in Russia where the DNA in the human hair is of the finest quality and still retain’s the cuticle.

Virgin hair that is light in colour is the most expensive, sought-after hair in the world; it lasts up to five years and the cuticle is completely intact. This means, by following our hair extensions maintenance advice, your hair extensions will not matt, dry, tangle or shed.
Most hair extensions in our industry come from India or China where the hair is naturally dark and must be bleached to lift it to a light colour. Some hair extension brands are lined with a fine layer of silicone to disguise the damage. If you are being sold Russian hair at a cheap price then the likelihood is that the hair is not Russian and has been pre-treated to imitate the desired colour and texture.

For hair extensions to last a long period of time then high quality hair is essential.
Our Luxury hair comes from the only region in the world where the human hair is not over colour processed.
This is because lots of the donors have natural light shades of hair.
So the Luxury hair does not need to be highly processed if at all to achieve even the lightest shades of blonde.
This allows the hair to stay in its luxury state.
True Genuine Hair will last years, Not 6-9 months.

Once you try this hair you will be so astonished by the sheer quality that you will never try anything else. Ladies remember your hair is your most powerful accessory!