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Specialising Simply In Luxury High Quality Hair

Stephanie Hair Extensions only uses the finest quality of human hair there is available in the world for her client’s. Superior quality soft shiny Russian Slavic hair that is full of lustre & retains its elasticity after many months / years.

  • Depending on the hair type you choose our hair can last from 2-5 years.
  • The hair can be re used again and again saving you money in the long run.
  • Once you try this hair you will be so astonished by the sheer quality that you will never try anything else.
  • Whilst working in the hair extension industry we have refined our techniques and our hair supplies and now pride ourselves on using the best hair available in The World.

We know only too well that there is an abundance of counterfeit hair on the market today, but at Stephanie Hair Extensions we select only the finest quality genuine hair for our clients. Stephanie works directly with collectors, (so no middle man) in specific regions were the human hair is of finest quality & still retain their cuticle.

I work directly with collectors, (so no middle man) in specific regions where the DNA in the human hair is of the finest quality and still remain their cuticle.

All our hair is ethically sourced and is Russian, Slavic Hair.


  • For hair extensions to last a long period of time then high quality hair is essential.
  • Our Luxury hair comes from the only region in the world where the human hair is not over colour processed.
  • This is because lots of the donors have natural light shades of hair.
  • So the Luxury hair does not need to be highly processed if at all to achieve even the lightest shades of blonde.
  • This allows the hair to stay in its luxury state.
  • However the most commonly used hair type today is Chinese or Indian hair.
  • This is because this hair is easily available & a lot cheaper to buy.
  • Although this hair does not last as long, simply because the natural colours of this hair are always very dark. So to achieve a lighter shade the hair has to be heavily colour processed, which is highly damaging to the hair.
  • This leaves the hair in a fragile state.
  • Lots of hair companies try save expenses and use Chinese or Indian hair.
  • This hair is very thick and course because it has been over colour processed.
  • However the hair is often covered with a silicone layer to try give a soft silky feel.
  • But the silicone will wash away after only a few washes, leaving the client with very dry brittle damaged hair, that will begin to tangle & will need throwing away after only a few weeks!
  • True Genuine Hair will last years, Not 6-9 months.


  • All my luxury range of hair get’s sent off for testing as soon as I receive each order
  • Every bundle of hair is tested so I can be 100 percent certain I am fitting Top quality genuine cuticle correct hair for each and everyone of my clients.
  • We hear of too many cases where the extensionist advertise Russian hair that is not actually of the true origin simply by not researching the hair enough.
  • Performing tests on the hair to check the true originality is essential.
  • Do not be fooled by prices that are too good to be true.
  • Our Experience and expertise allows us to hand arranged all our luxury slavic hair with in my Hair Extension Salon to ensure all the cuticles are facing in the same direction from root to tip.
  • This also ensures we can remove all the unwanted shorter strands of hair for a full / thick glamorous look.


  • For natural looking hair extensions perfect blending is essential. In most circumstances hair extensions are not blended very well leaving the hair extensions looking very unnatural.
  • Tipping and preparing all our hair with in the salon allows us to create Amazing Bespoke Hair Extensions for each individual client.
  • Sometimes professionally blending up to 4 different shades and colours per strand for stunning natural looking high/low lights.
  • This ensures we avoid the unnatural ” stripy ” look.
  • We Guarantee Absolutely No Matting or Tangling of the hair.

WE ONLY USE THE HIGHEST QUALITY Materials & Products through out the whole procedure to ensure all our clients hair extensions are at the highest standards.

High Quality Bonding Material is a must as this ensures absolutely no shredding of the hair extensions and enables them to stay thick & full for years to come.

Our luxury hair can be viewed in its Raw State at your initial consultation, so each client knows what they are paying for.

Stephanie has all shades length’s & textures of her hair in stock in wavy straight silky or course So there will be no waiting around for the hair to be ordered in.

This also allows us on your consultation to pick out a pony tail that matches your natural hair perfectly.

Stephanie is Very lucky to be able to supply & fit such Top quality hair for her clients! Very few hair extension artists can use this hair because it is extremely difficult to source.

Russian Slavic Hair is worn by all the celebrities today including all THE ONLY WAY IS ESSEX girls, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Scherzinger, Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham Cheryl Cole Michelle Keegan & Jordan.

Stephanie is confident that 100 percent of her clients will be happy with this hair & understands that 1 single disappointed client can make a big impact on her business & works hard to ensure each strand of hair is the finest human hair on the market.

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