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Exceptional pricing for exceptional service

Celebrities alongside many women today can pay anything from £500 – £1,600 for these hair extensions and for Raw virgin hair up to £4,000!

At Stephanie Hair Extensions we can provide you with the same service but at a fraction of the price. We believe in top value for money with an outstanding service each and every time, which is one of the many reasons we have a wide range of clients traveling from all over the country.

Amazing Half Price Offers! Our hair is 16/18″ but can be cut to desired length.

We can order hair up to 30″ ask Stephanie for [ more info ]

Current Hair Extension Service Pricing

Pre Coloured Russian Slavic Hair | 16/18″
3/4 head£290(usually £580)
Full head£360(usually £720)
Extra full head£430(usually £850)
20″ £20 Extra

22″ £40 Extra

24″ £60 Extra

26″ £80 Extra

This hair can come from a few different Donors mixed together & has been previously coloured / straightened by the donors. It is cuticle correct full/thick luxury hair.

This hair will last 1 – 2 years but some clients have had up to 3 years out of this hair.

Luxury Virgin Russian Slavic Double Drawn Hair
(lightly tinted with no ammonia) 16/18″
3/4 head£330(usually £680)
Full head£430(usually £880)
Extra full head£520(usually £1040)
20″ £20 Extra

22″ £40 Extra

24″ £60 Extra

26″ £80 Extra

Each pony tail of this hair is cut from one single donors head. The donor has never coloured/tinted straightened or chemically treated her hair in anyway through out her life time. This hair is then professionally lightly tinted with no ammonia to your desired colour. Our Luxury hair is Double Drawn, we remove most of the short stands of hair from this hair leaving the hair much thicker & the over all look more full & luxurious.

This hair lasts 3 years sometimes longer.

Luxury Raw Slavic Hair * Up To £360 discount*
3/4 head£370 from £660(usually £1,280)
Full head£590 from £860(usually £1,720)
Extra full head£680 from £1,040(usually £2,080)

This hair is sourced from small rural parts of the Ukraine & is the best hair available in the world. Although Russian hair is among the finest quality hair in the world , Ukrainian hair is THE best hair available! The difference is noticeable straight away to the eye and to the touch. Once you try this hair you will never try anything else. Each pony tail of Our Raw virgin hair comes from one single donor & has never been coloured/tinted straightened or chemically treated in anyway & comes in a variety of colours. Each bundle is completely Raw & Double drawn. Raw Virgin hair is used in many salons in the United States & is worn by all the celebrities who can pay upto $7000 for a full head!

This hair will last up to 5 years as it is fine & low in density.

* New And Exclusive To Our Price List *

Limitless Hair option £100 Extra.

This option allows us to fit as many extensions to the natural hair as possible.

This option is only recommend for clients with thick natural hair.

Services & Deposit

Maintenance£40to £100
Cut & FeatheredFOC
Deposit£40 (non retrnable)
Avail our services from various parts of Yorkshire. Our clients come from areas including Sheffield, Wakefield, Leeds, Huddersfield, Halifax, Doncaster, Pontefract, York, Selby, Castleford, Bradford and more.